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Our Programs

1. Economic empowerment and livelihood 

a) Street Business School
Gender disparities and entrenched societal norms detrimentally impact women’s well-being, increasing their vulnerability to HIV and restricting their healthcare access. These obstacles also impede women’s economic prospects, leaving them susceptible to sexual gender-based violence and involvement in commercial sex work, elevating their HIV risk. This program equips rural young women with vital entrepreneurship skills, fostering economic independence and employment opportunities. This financial stability empowers them to make informed choices that mitigate their HIV susceptibility.
1. Entrepreneurship capacity building and Development of knowledge and skills for women using the street business model
2. Mentorship and giving of grants to fund their business ideas and expand already existing businesses.
3. Follow-up sessions to support the participants as they open their business and deal with the challenges and opportunities
4. Linking women to business development support services
b) Ubuntu Community Cyber
Numerous rural youths in underserved areas face the potential of lagging behind their urban counterparts in embracing digital-first technologies. It is our belief that every child should receive computer education and access computer services. Through our partnership with CONNECTION UBUNTU, we provide free computer training and services, with the aim of establishing a sustainable program for delivering vital computer skills and services to the rural communities of Homa-bay, thereby creating employment prospects for these youths.
C) Photo Start
Unemployment in rural communities, such as Homabay, has led to mental health challenges, including depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety, especially among the youth. This distress often results from their relentless job search efforts going unanswered. In desperation, some turn to risky activities like transactional sex, exposing them to HIV, STIs, and unintended pregnancies.
In partnership with Photo Start, we are equipping our students with essential professional, life skills, and the art of phone photography to improve their chances of employment and escape poverty, while also enabling them to contribute to the community story through visual storytelling

2. Advocacy and Leadership

Existing SRHR policy systems and structures in Kenya often exclude the voices and representation of young people including the marginalized groups of youths. In partnership with public and private sector actors supporting structural change and sustainable practices that protect the rights of young people including those living with HIV and disabilities Activate Action advocates for:
• Inclusion of young people in all stages of developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programs, policies, and investment of resources
• Diverse representation that goes beyond tokenism and includes young people’s engagement from marginalized populations.
• Young people’s access to accurate information and training when necessary, in order to effectively understand the technical content, the political context, and the stakeholders with whom they are engaging.
• Power-sharing between and among stakeholders so that young people are partners and leaders, rather than beneficiaries
We also offer mentorship and coaching on leadership, communication and personal branding to enhance their self-esteem to be able to champion for their rights

3. Health and Education

Kenya grapples with a high rate of adolescent pregnancies, with nearly 20% of girls aged 15 to 19 experiencing early motherhood or pregnancy. These challenges hinder their access to formal education and contribute to the high HIV prevalence among young people. We address these issues through the following approaches: 

a) Youth-Friendly SRHR Services

Activate Action operates two youth-friendly SRHR centres, offering free HIV testing, contraceptive services, mental health support, adherence counselling, psychosocial assistance, and ANC and PNC care.

b) Mental Health Support

We provide psychological support to young individuals living with HIV and disabilities, enhancing their coping abilities and overall engagement.

c) Her Future, Her Way

Our initiative supports 50 teenage mothers through counseling services in schools. We provide reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups to keep them in school, reduce repeat pregnancies, and empower them for a better future.

Our Work in Action

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