Activate Action is a youth-led organization working with vulnerable young people including young people living with HIV and disabilities. 

Our Mission

To build a progressive, and sustainable environment for the youth in our community through advocacy, capacity building , and community-based programming.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive and integrated Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) education and mental health services with special focus on youth by exercising life-skills training and education for the responsible citizenry.

Upcoming Events

1st January - 1st Ausust 2021

Stigma reduction campaigns

Awareness creation on the stigma associated to HIV testing among young people in Homa-Bay Kenya.  To increase uptake of HIV service by young people  

April - August 2021

Comprehensive sexuality education

Integrated outreaches targeting adolescent and young people

HIV and Sexual reproductive health education in schools  

June - September 2021

Condom promotions & distributions

Promoting safer sex among young people by making condoms available and acceptable by young people thus reduce infection and teenage pregnancies. 

Support Our Cause

Advocacy, Awareness Creations, Condom Promotion/Distribution, Mentorship on Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Relationships, Online Child Protection  and business coaching 

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