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Activate Action is a youth-led community-based organization working with vulnerable young people including young people living with HIV and disabilities. 

Our Mission

To build an inclusive social environment for young people living with HIV and disability

Our Vision

Empowered stigma free society

Upcoming Events

Recruitment of 90 women on Street Business School

In collaboration with Business for Better Society, funded by The RSA (The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce), this aims to empower 90 women in rural Homa Bay, Kenya through an innovative entrepreneurship training and mentorship program. The mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty and reduce economic vulnerability to HIV among young women in Homa Bay Kenya, fostering economic growth, and self-sufficiency, and addressing significant development challenges faced by women. This initiative puts women at the center of economic empowerment, enabling them to establish sustainable, locally-rooted businesses, ensuring a dependable income source for their future.

Through the subgrant from LVCT Health with a grant from VIIVE Health, we implement a 2-year Project in Ndhiwa Sub-county in Homa Bay Kenya. The project comprises five key interventions:
• “Sisi kwa Sisi” empowers 40 Adolescent Girls and Young Women, creating investment groups.
• “Tusemezane” fosters intergenerational dialogues.
• “Male Barazas” trains champions to promote positive masculinity.
• “Educational Campaigns” spread awareness through influencers.
• “Policy Reforms” advocate for youth-responsive policies in HIV, GBV, and SRH.
The SAWA Project aims to normalize HIV prevention discussions, reduce stigma, and increase uptake of prevention methods among Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). It strives to establish a supportive knowledge system, create a stigma-free environment, engage boys and men in positive dialogues, and rally key stakeholders for AGYW’s HIV prevention. Ultimately, it envisions a community where AGYW confidently prioritize their health and contribute to an HIV-free future.

Production of our new reusable pads

Activate Action’s initiative to manufacture reusable menstrual pads in Homa Bay is poised to combat period poverty and reduce teenage pregnancies stemming from economic insecurity. By providing cost-effective menstrual hygiene options, the project enables girls to remain in school, safeguard their well-being, acquire skills, and break free from economic vulnerability thus reduced repeat pregancies 

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Advocacy, Awareness Creations, Condom Promotion/Distribution, Mentorship on Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Relationships, Online Child Protection  and business coaching 

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