Activate Action is a youth-led organization working with vulnerable young people including young people living with HIV and Disabilities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a progressive, and sustainable environment for the youth in our community through advocacy, capacity building , and community-based programming.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive and integrated Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) education and mental health services with special focus on youth by exercising life-skills training and education for the responsible citizenry.

Upcoming Events

19th December 2020

Door to door distribution of mask

As we approach Christmas many people will not be able to visit their families due to lack of mask therefore need to support them travel safe.

27th December 2020

Chapati festival

This Christmas give street children in Homa-Bay, access to food, counselling and SRHR information
Life on the streets is dirty, violent, and short. Street children are the target of human trafficking and abuse, such as rape and labor exploitation. Without an education, street children also have little prospects for a better future

31st December 2020

Condom promotions & distributions

Our team will be promoting condom use and SRHE (sexual & reproductive health education) to the youth in HomaBay town to encourage safe sex practices.

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Support Our Cause

Advocacy, Awareness Creations, Condom Promotion/Distribution, Mentorship on Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Relationships, Online Child Protection, Feeding Program for Orphaned Children and Child-Headed Families.

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