Activate Action is a youth-led community-based organization working with vulnerable young people including young people living with HIV and disabilities. 

Our Mission

To build an inclusive social environment for young people living with HIV and disability

Our Vision

Empowered stigma free society

Upcoming Events

2nd cohort street business school

This project lifts young women in rural Kenya out of poverty through an innovative entrepreneurship training and mentorship program. Entrepreneurship drives economic growth, creates self-sufficiency and solves some large-scale development problems women face. Our project serves the unique needs of women at the base of the economic pyramid. It supports them to start sustainable businesses ventures rooted in the local economy, such that they can have reliable income stream long into the future

In partnership with impact consulting, we are fundraising to support our 2023 programs 

Light up impact founder tour.

The light-up team will learn more about our programs, assess our commitment to social entrepreneurship and their beneficiaries. In 10 day – 2 weeks visit, they’ll would like to learn from their everyday life as a founder, understand possible challenges and take an active part in their changemaker journey. We they’ll schedule interviews, take videos and document their stay on our Light Impact tour blog.

Support Our Cause

Advocacy, Awareness Creations, Condom Promotion/Distribution, Mentorship on Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Relationships, Online Child Protection  and business coaching 

Partner with Us

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