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By making a small donation you can support Activate Action and contribute to a world where young people can decide over their own sexual and reproductive health and rights!

Activate Action is a youth-led organization registered in Kenya. Our team consists of high school, university students, young professionals, as well as people living with HIV, gender minorities, and marginalized youth living with disabilities. We are united by the common goal of an open society in which sexuality is never a reason for exclusion, fear, or stigma. We partner with governments, the private sector, local/international organizations, and civil societies to bring about positive social change and to provide lifesaving health care, quality education, and opportunities for meaningful involvement of young people.

Our Objectives

  • To help build and bring youth and women into
    public health promotion, and advocacy (creation of mental health awareness, promotion of AYSRH, nutrition, reduction of incidence of HIV)
  • Reduce poverty by building opportunities for entrepreneurship among young people.
  • Advocate for meaningful youth participation in national and county governance and public policy creation.


Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of these African children. Each donations matters, even the smallest ones.
Donate $2.00 ( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!

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