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Activate Action is a youth-led organization registered in Kenya. Our team consists of high school and university students, young professionals as well as people living with HIV, gender minorities, Marginalized  and youth living with disabilities. We are united by the common goal of an open society in which sexuality is never a reason for exclusion, fear, or stigma. We partner with governments, the private sector, Local/international organizations, and civil society to bring about positive social change and to provide lifesaving health care, quality education, and opportunities for meaningful involvement of young people.

Our Objectives

1. To Build youth and women capacity in public health promotion and advocacy(Creation of mental health awareness, promotion of AYSRH, nutrition, reduction of incidence of HIV )

2. Reduce poverty by building capacity for entrepreneurship among young people 

3.  Advocate for meaningful youth participation in national and county governance and public policy creation.


Our Team

These people are not only special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.
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Cynthia Otieno

Data Officer

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Festo Collins

M and E Officer

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Idris Phanunah Keyera

Community Engagement Officer

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Erica Adhiambo

Clinical Officer

Patric Abidha

Programs officer 

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Hellen Akinyi

Adolescent Peer Provider

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Sharon Khalai

Communication officer

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Shantal Kisimba

Mental Health Champion

Recent Causes

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget and makes a huge difference in the lives of these African children. Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. Donate $2( average price of coffee in the USA) and someone’s life will get better!

Big Charity: Support street families HomaBay town

Street children face endless cruelties. Their rights have been violated many times by the adults who were supposed to protect them. In many cases these children are subject to sexual exploitation in return for food or clothes. Often, police detain and beat them without reason. We there for run a charity  to support them with sanitation, nutrition and SRH services including: contraceptive, ARVs, STIs treatments.

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Big Charity: We still need to reach over 5000 young people with life skills training and SRH information and services

Youths of between 10-24 years and below constitute more than 50% of the Kenyan population; forming the largest human resource. However, many of them who are productive and energetic remain unemployed and continue to suffer from idleness’s social ills. Due to the growing sense of alienation felt by young men and women dropping out of schools to join gangs, commercial sex work, violence, unhealthy relationships, and drug addiction as part of their everyday life where the future seems dark, Poverty and unemployment being the norm. They have remained on the periphery of countries’ affairs and their status has not been accorded due recognition. This unemployment crisis requires a change and transformation to give these youth an environment enabling them to pursue self-help-Initiative

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