Our Team

These people are not only special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.  
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Rogers Omollo


Rogers Omollo was born and raised in Kenya and is the founder of Activate Action, a community-based organization that supports local youth on matters surrounding sexual and reproductive health. He has been personally impacted, losing both his parents to HIV as a child. Rogers is determined to create a culture within his community whereby HIV testing, discussing sexual and reproductive health rights and asking for help are not taboo, by mentoring young people on HIV management, mental health, relationship, life skills, and advocacy. Rogers also serves in leadership positions at ONE East Africa, Youth Advisory Council for Health, and as county global peace ambassador in Homa-Bay.

Shantal Kisimba

Mental Health Champion

Shantal Kisimba is an environmentalist, and a mental health advocate and founder of Sunshine, a brand that radiates the dark days in people’s lives through inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. Mental health awareness is one of our key focus and we do this majorly through content creation. Shantal is also a writer and blogger that highlights various individuals pursuits with the aim of reminding others that it is doable and that they too can boldly chase their dreams.

Temitope Amina Obadofine

Volunteer Social Media Manager

Temitope Amina Obadofin is a serial volunteer and a human rights activist. As an advocate for the rights of girls and women, she volunteers with several organizations to create a society in which girls have rights, freedom, representation, and equity. Some of these organizations include Girls Get Equal, Nigeria which is a youth-led global movement, and The Barakah Lifestyle (TBL) which also provides support to women, especially widows. She has held several positions ranging from member to graphics designer, State/cell coordinator, and secretary, among others. She is also a student at the Federal University of Technology, Minna. She is passionate about writing and using her skills to give a voice to other girls in the society

Sharon Khalai

Co-founder/Communication Officer

Sharon Khalai is a public relations professional with diverse experience in presentation, engagement, and project pitching. She enjoys working with young people from different diversities and loves traveling and photography

Festo Collins

Community Engagement Officer

Festo Collins is an SRHR consultant, social scientist, philanthropist, and a part-time M&E practitioner. He has extensively engaged in community development programs with an emphasis on young people both as instruments of change and the gateway to better, well informed and self-sustained societies.

Rebecca Kwalia

Volunteer Finance and Resource Mobilization Officer

Rebecca is a professional and a volunteer grant writer. She is passionate about writing and helps raise resources to run projects with societal impact. She is an advocate for girls' and women's empowerment. She is particularly interested in teaching financial independence to women to enable women to influence social change and contribute towards sustainable societies.

Grace Omosalewa

Volunteer Grant Writer

Grace is a seasoned program officer with over 10 years of experience working in non-profit NGOs, and pharmaceutical, public, and private health sectors with a track record of achievements and expertise in developing, executing, and managing gender-based violence programming and OVC initiatives. She has experience in working with NGOs, Ministries, and International Agencies on programs geared towards gender equality, United Nations SDGs, and community and social development programs/projects

Grevins Odera

Monitoring and Evalution Officer

Grevins is an M & E professional with over 9 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation in organizations dealing with adolescents and young girls, youth, HIV/AIDS, orphans, and vulnerable children, governance, advocacy, and key populations. As an M&E officer, he has built/developed systems, processes, databases, and tools for effectiveness. He holds a bachelor of Arts degree, in sociology from Moi University. He believes that teamwork amounts to success

Phanunah Idris

Programs Assistant

Phanunah Idris is a programs officer with over two years of experience in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community programs. Phanunah believes in the community and in young people as leaders and drivers of change. As she puts it, there is so much untapped potential among young people, and with the right guidance and resources, young people can achieve much more. She is currently supporting implementation of Activate Action’s programs as a volunteer. She has previously worked with youth development programs, HIV/AIDS programs, and WASH programs in Nairobi, Kenya. Phanunah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Technology. In addition to this, she has certificates in Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation. She is a YALI RLC EA alumni as well.